Greetings, earthlings!

We warmly invite you to commemorate the 50th anniversary year of the Apollo 11 moon landing with us at MIT Space Week: three packed days celebrating space exploration writ-large, across the Institute. 


We stand at the cusp of interplanetary civilization. The opportunity to seed an inspiring, multi-faceted, and profoundly creative vision for the next 50 years of space exploration beckons to us. Join us as we celebrate the storied feats of MIT AeroAstro and Draper Labs for the Apollo program, and the array of technology developments, space missions, scientific inquiry, and industry entrepreneurship since, across AeroAstro, EAPS, MIT Media Lab, EECS, Sloan, and others. We hope you'll enjoy this unique occasion to look to the future, to join together as a community catalyst for MIT’s next half-century of space and earth exploration, to launch new visions for what a “better world” might look like in our cosmos.


Preference given to MIT community for in-person registration. Public livestreams will be made available widely, where possible. 



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Apollo 50 + 50


March 13, 2019


On March 13, MIT AeroAstro commemorates the 50th anniversary year of this historic event with the day-long symposium, Apollo 50+50, examining Apollo's legacy and envisioning the next 50 years of human space exploration. Panel discussions and presentations will feature Apollo, Shuttle, and International Space Station astronauts, engineers, and scientists; MIT faculty and students; industry leaders, and special keynote speakers. And, there will be demos and displays, including artifacts from the MIT Museum. Visit 


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Beyond the Cradle

MIT Media Lab Space Exploration Initiative

March 14, 2019


Join us on Thursday, March 14 for the MIT Media Lab Space Exploration Initiative's third annual event, Beyond the Cradle: Envisioning a New Space Age.


With humanity at the cusp of interplanetary civilization, we are actively building the technologies, tools, and human experiences of our sci-fi space future. On March 14, 2019 we'll hear from NASA scientists and Hollywood storytellers, from “New Space” industry vanguards leading space tourism and lunar settlement, and from engineers of the intrepid probe missions now far beyond our planet neighborhood. Come to meet the astronauts and innovation engineers at space agencies around our home world, and the authors and artists seeding our imagination of other worlds!


For full event agenda and more details, visit BEYOND.MEDIA.MIT.EDU.


MIT Media Lab Space Exploration Initiative


Livestream link will be posted soon.


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New Space Age Conference

MIT is proud to host the fourth annual, student-led New Space Age Conference, as a platform to advance growth of the private space industry. 2019 speakers will discuss new technologies and services being implemented to close the business case for the emerging space economy. Join students, academics, and industry professionals to learn more about space start up accelerators, the roles of public organizations and policy makers, the next generation of satellite constellations, and MIT’s role in supporting the new space age. Look at our website to learn more and purchase tickets today!


For full event agenda and more details, visit NEWSPACEAGE.ORG.


Purchase tickets here!