Greetings, earthlings!

We warmly invite you to MIT Space Week 2022: a celebration of space exploration writ-large, across the Institute.  

Registration details for each event are listed below. Public livestreams will be made available widely, where possible. 


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SpaceTech 2022

MIT Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics

April 27, 2022


SpaceTech 2022, part of MIT Space Week, is the MIT Aeronautics and Astronautics Department's technically-oriented, future-looking event designed to build awareness around the present and future of space technology. The event will be held on April 27th, 9am-4pm EST featuring keynotes from Jim Bridenstine (former NASA Administrator) and panel discussions, the Aerospace 10K Pitchfest Competition, student Lightning Talks, lab posters and more! SpaceTech 2022 is open to the MIT community: faculty, staff, students and alumni - advance registration is required. 

SpaceTech registration is now OPEN to members of the MIT community (free): links for in person and virtual 

Separate registration required for the lunchtime Sloan Club of New York panel: link is here

Please visit for more details. 

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Beyond the Cradle

MIT Space Exploration Initiative

Thursday, April 28, 2022



Please join us online at at 1:00pm Eastern Time for an afternoon of exciting discussions and presentations that examine the possibilities surrounding near-term interplanetary life.

Let’s design our future in space. We will hear from space scientists and astronauts at the vanguard of exploration, CEOs and founders building a burgeoning space ecosystem, and artists and sci-fi storytellers shaping our conception of the possible.

Speakers include SpaceX Polaris Dawn Mission Pilot Scott "Kidd" Poteet; Timiebi Aganaba, Asst. Professor in the School for the Future of Innovation in Society at ASU; Dr. Kimberley Miner, scientist and engineer at the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab; Ari Melenciano, creative technologist at Google’s Creative Lab and founder of Afrotectopia; and Dylan Taylor, chairman and CEO of Voyager Space.

Visit for the full agenda and speaker lineup.

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New Space Age Conference

MIT Sloan School of Management / Space Industry Club

April 29, 2022


Join the MIT Sloan Space Industry Club for the 7th annual New Space Age Conference as a platform to advance growth of the private space industry. The Space Industry Club is proud to host 25+ leaders from leading organizations across the space industry for this year’s conference. Keynote speakers include Tim Shephard (VP of Business Development S&O at Lockheed Martin Space), Joe Laurienti (Founder and CEO at Ursa Major), and many others! 2022 speakers will dive deep into topics such as: Space Investment and Entrepreneurship, Space Policy, Space-based Communications, The Role of Government Contracting, Building Space Infrastructure, Human Presence in Space, and much more! Organizations at the cutting edge of #NewSpace will join us for a variety of lunch roundtable discussions and moderated panels as we dive deep into the challenges and opportunities ahead for the burgeoning space economy.


For full event agenda and more details, visit


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